Planting Trees!

The ground was finally workable sooooo... A peach tree. Another peach tree. A Honeycrisp Apple! SPRING WHY YOU NO HERE YET?!?!

Stark Bros Shipments Arrived!

Stark Bros shipped EARLY this year, so I have a bunch of plants hiding in the house. Three temporarily potted trees: Grapes and blackberries: And a bunch I had to shove in the fridge to keep them dormant. Strawberries, asparagus, horseradish. Hurry up and spring, Wisconsin!

Seed Start Updates

This is a photo dump of all the seed starts and plants I have going right now. Started a variety of lettuces in the new hydroponics kits. The old hydroponics kits will be reworked in about two weeks to stagger the lettuce growing. The majority of my seed starts. Tomatoes, vanilla orchid, bay laurel, and … Continue reading Seed Start Updates