Featured on a YouTube Channel!

My garden was featured on Provident Prepper on YouTube!

I saw that they covered several handicap accessible gardens that solved things differently than I did, so I messaged them with photos of my garden and an explanation of how I work around my disabilities to keep gardening.

They asked for film.

I sent them film.

And now I’m on their channel!

Kylene was very complimentary, and I kind of cringed during that part, but that’s because I don’t see myself as inspirational so much as… stubborn. Stubborn and willing to ask for help when I can’t do something.

Anyway, you can find the video here!

What do you think?

And please remember: don’t feed the trolls. I put my face out on the Internet, and there’s sure to be SOMEONE who feels the need to declare me Not Disabled and A Fraud. If I cared what they thought, I wouldn’t be posting on the internet and putting myself out there. *smile*

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