Friday Plant Update!

Just a photo dump of how my plants are doing.

I actually got some lavender started! I had to use TWEEZERS to move the starts into their dirt, they were that small! But I followed the instructions and it was a success!

LOTS of tomatoes on my hydroponic tomatoes! I use a little vibrating bee wand to get them to pollinate. 🙂

Grape starts I rescued from the store.

Grapes on the right, peppers on the left.

My peppers are GROWING FLOWERS?!?! Little early guys. The lavender starts at the blue pot on the right. The starts are itty bitty!


Vines on the left and middle, basil and thyme on the right.

Onion and leek starts are going to need to be moved soon.

Old hydroponics lettuce.

New hydroponics lettuce in the back is just starting to reach past the stickers.

Hoping for an early spring!