Seed Start Updates

This is a photo dump of all the seed starts and plants I have going right now.

Started a variety of lettuces in the new hydroponics kits.

The old hydroponics kits will be reworked in about two weeks to stagger the lettuce growing.

The majority of my seed starts.

Tomatoes, vanilla orchid, bay laurel, and coffee.

I have tomatoes started on the tomato plants! Everyday, I violently shake the plant to pollinate it, which I find hilarious.

Tractor Supply had live grapes, and they tend to die before spring sooooo… I now have live grapes.

Onions and leeks, still kinda iffy with the mold.

I have asparagus, more grapes, bareroot strawberries, and several trees scheduled to arrive sometime next week. Wish me luck in finding space because it’s still way too cold to put them outside!