Redoing My Closet Storage!

I’ve had a grow set up in my closet for the longest time for starting my plants inside in the spring. The other wall is food storage buckets, and there were cords EVERYWHERE for the grow lights.

It was a tight squeeze, a mess, and I kept trying to clothesline myself with the cords.

This is what it looked like before:

I barely fit between the table and the buckets.

I ordered some shelves to work with instead!

Here’s the set up before I started putting things back in.

The tall shelves near the door will have a grow light hung under each, all of the plants on cookie sheets or some such to keep the water contained. This is where all my plant starts will go, and I think it will work pretty well, plus there will be more room.

My older, bigger plants will go under the window with a grow light since they’re taller.

It was a bunch of work to clear out and set up, but I think it looks nice and will work better. What do you think?