Playing in the Garden

The weather has been mild here lately, and while it isn’t late enough in the year yet to plant without risking losing your plants, it IS late enough that I was able to talk my husband into helping me move around some of the raised bed bags I have and to mostly fill a new one.

The new one is a 200 gallon grow bag unlike the old 100 gallon ones, and we simply didn’t have enough dirt and peat moss on hand to fill it even after we went the store and bought as much as my car could move!  So that will have to wait to finish until we buy some more.

I did look at seeds while I was waiting for my husband and the store gentleman to load our car, and I may have bought a few.

Okay, I may have bought a lot.  I am a sucker for the hopes of spring.

But I have an excuse!  This seed display had a herbs section for some herbs that I’ve never grown, and some of them I’ve never even tasted.

This was hugely tempting, so I ended up coming home with some seeds for borage, savory, and fennel among other things such as various lettuces, greens, and peas.  I’m trying to focus on only buying seeds for early planting.  Especially since I saw this post about succession planting, and I wanted to try it.

I know you’re probably shaking your head, but I honestly had never considered succession planting before so this is new ground for me.  I bought quite a few packets of peas on the idea that, if I planted too soon and they died, I would have more seeds.  They’re cheap enough, and my garden is small enough, that the price doesn’t really make me flinch.

But it’s getting SO CLOSE to spring!  You can taste it on the air, and I know we’ll probably have a few more snow storms, but I want it to be here already!

So I’m working on the the beds set up so I can spend my energy productively.  Actually, that’s a lie.  With my back injury, I can’t lift, so I’m really spending my husband’s energy while he fills beds, empties beds, and moves beds around.

He is SO sweet to do this for me!  And I’m pushing to get it done now rather than during the next month because his job’s busy season is here.  He’ll be too tired to help then.

My hope is to have all of the beds prepped when it’s time to plant so I don’t have to wait and beg for help so I can plant.  I’ve planted late every single year I’ve tried because we haven’t taken his work into account.

But not this year!

I hope at least.  *smile*

No photos yet, but I’ll take some when we’re done!  Right now it looks like a mess.

Are you chomping at the bit for spring?  What are your planting plans?  What do you usually focus on planting?  Do you have advice for succession planting?  Inquiring minds want to know!

2 thoughts on “Playing in the Garden

  1. Glad you enjoyed the post and I think you’ll appreciate succession planting. And it’s snowing here again today…..

    1. We worked more on the beds today, and when I stepped out to let the dog out, there was a sharp bite to the air and the first fluffy flakes. But I’m happy with what we have done! *smile*

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