FlyLady and Cleaning My House

Normally, my house’s cleanliness is directly related to my level of mania or depression.  If I’m depressed it looks like it was hit by a tornado.  If I’m manic it’s picked up at least and dishes done, if not really clean.

I don’t like cleaning.  And the only time I can convince myself to do it is when I’m manic, and then I overdo it and spend three days recovering because, hello, I’m physically disabled and you’d think I could remember that well enough not to hurt myself.

Of course not.  Mania knows no logic.

Well, I was following a blog (it’s political, so I will NOT mention it here), and someone suggested the FlyLady website.  I trust this person’s recommendations, so I hopped on over and took a look.

It’s a cleaning website.

FlyLady,  as she calls herself, writes motivational emails that you can sign up for and receive daily.  I’m talking ten or more times a day sometimes.  But the idea behind them is that your house didn’t get dirty in a day, you can’t fix it in a day, so do 15 minute cleaning sessions each day and it will get clean over time.  Also, you can do anything for 15 minutes – this thought process is how I get a lot of my writing done.

She gives directions each day on what you should focus on, and she is so cheerful (and southern) it’s inspiring.  She’s also trying to teach you to create habits, but I’m not that far along.

I thought, ‘eh, this won’t work’, but I signed up anyway.

It’s working.

I am slowly training myself to put things away as soon as I’m done with them, I’ve done a ridiculous amount of cleaning over the last two weeks, and my house looks SO much better.  My kitchen is clean, most of Mount Laundry gone, and my desk and clutter spaces are clear.  I dusted.  I HAVEN’T DUSTED SINCE WE BOUGHT THE HOUSE.


I had to buy a feather duster and microfiber clothes because I LITERALLY had no dusting supplies.

It’s amazing.

For some reason, I find her super motivating and am excited about cleaning when I’m NOT manic.

And you know what?  It’s a lot easier to keep ahead of things when I’m depressed if I’m picking up as I go.

10/10 do recommend.  Take a look at the FlyLady website; maybe she’s a fit for you.  *smile*

Do you like cleaning?  How do you keep ahead of it?  Do you have set cleaning routines or habits?  Inquiring minds want to know!