Valentine’s Day! Totally Forgot to Share.

I completely forgot to share how my Valentine’s Day went!

We don’t usually make a big deal of this holiday – we’re pretty sweet on each other all the time, so ramping that up gets ridiculous.  We had some dates while we were dating, but he shows me every day that he loves me.

Plus, we’re working on Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps, and this is NOT a necessary expense.

Still, this is what I found when I got home:


Kirby’s Epic Yarn was our first game together, the first time I played a game on a console.  (I had on PC before, but no controllers.)  I was clumsy and horrid at it, but it was fun, and I loved spending time with my honey.  Kirby really is a gateway drug.

On the sides, they had different forms Kirby could take:


Which, I might note, he colored by hand with highlighters.  On the back:


Kirby and Prince Fluff!  Two player game, and I’ll give you three guesses who we each played.

And inside:


Because my husband is supportive of my Keto diet!  These aren’t 100% Keto, but they were a lovely Valentine’s Day treat.


Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Are you a Valentine’s Day hater?  How do you feel about how excessive this holiday has gotten?  Inquiring mind want to know!

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day! Totally Forgot to Share.

  1. I adore Valentine’s Day. It’s my favorite holiday. My husband and I treat it like a second Christmas for each other!

    It always cracks me up when the men at my office act like it’s physically injuring them because they might need to pick up some flowers or candy for the woman they love. The whining! “But it’s like an OBLIGATION! Ugh!!”

    I know, right? What could be worse than brightening someone’s day with a token of your love? 🤣

  2. I wonder if they do that for birthdays too. How awful to take one day out of the year to show your loved one you love them? Also… is this the only day they do this? Because that’s pretty sad.

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