Stop Faking: You Ain’t Dead

Nearly all of my plants are budding, including the blueberries and currants that ‘died’ last year.  I almost pulled them out of the ground in disgust, but the currants had ‘died’ several times and come back in the spring, so I gave them another chance.

And they came back!

I couldn’t get a good photo of the blueberry buds, but here are the currents:

DSCN4483 resize

A better photo of the flowers:

DSCN4484 resize

The lilacs are getting ready to bloom:

DSCN4475 resize

And the mint is already sprouting and crawling all over!

DSCN4481 resize

That’s exciting because a lot of it was overwhelmed by the basil last year.

My closet is filled with plants ready to go outside:

DSCN4457 resize

And here’s a mystery plant:

DSCN4480 resize

I planted it last year, and it did NOTHING, but again I left it alone just in case. Now it’s growing happily, but I lost the stick identifying it. I know it was one of my berry bushes, but no idea which!  We’ll see what it produces.

Spring is soooo tantalizingly close, but I’m not putting anything out yet because our last frost is usually in the first week of May.

I did put some peas in because they don’t mind cool ground as much, and it’s better they start before summer heats things up.

How is your garden waking up? What plants are up and at ’em?  Inquiring minds want to know!