Keto Fridge Magnets and Ketofy.Me Challenge

I’m working on getting back to Keto eating. This is THE heaviest I’ve ever been, and I need to cut down on the amount of junk I’m eating.

The first fun thing I did was post Keto magnets all over the fridge:

DSCN4636 resize

They show net carbs which is what I really need, and I don’t have to flip through a book or look up how many carbs a serving has.

There were some complaints in the reviews that they ‘didn’t include enough’ things like apples and bananas… and folks, they’re not on the list because they’re NOT KETO. These are magnets with lists of what you SHOULD be eating. Apples and bananas are not it, not on Keto.

This is the first one I got:

DSCN4638 resize

There are ten different illustrated magnetic sheets. BUT, they don’t cover baking, keto sugars, nuts, and a few other things.

So I bought this one as well:

DSCN4637 resize

It has nine sheets, and some foods repeat, but they have a lot of items the other set doesn’t have.

So I covered my fridge with them!

DSCN4636 resize

That’s enough of the fridge magnets though – I want to talk about the Ketofy.Me challenge that you can find here on their webpage. I saw them shared on a Facebook Keto group, and I was intrigued by the printable.

I’m pretty familiar with how a Keto diet works; I just haven’t been following one since the pandemic started and my stress levels shot through the roof.

Their post is set up to include beginners, and I would encourage anyone interested to look at the grocery lists and free meal plans they include there, but I only wanted the printable that you can find near the bottom. It has ‘breaks’, but I just want to be able to check off my days!

So, here’s to starting over!

Do you follow any particular diet? Keto can be done pure carnivore, but it can be done vegetarian too. It’s really whatever approach you want to take. How do you maintain your health? Inquiring minds want to know!