New-to-Me Freezer

I bought a used freezer, and my brother and dad were nice enough to bring it over. We’d been having issues with items getting lost in the bottom of the freezer.

Now I have everything sorted into three freezers: 1. Meats and Meal Prep, 2. Veggies 3. Bread, seafood, dairy, and fruit. The last  being in the fridge freezer.

Here’s a look at the one I already had:

DSCN4634 resize

Everything was crammed into that freezer, and it was impossible to find stuff.

The new freezer is larger:

DSCN4635 resize

And the fridge:

DSCN4636 resize

They’re all about 1/2 full, but it’s SO much easier to get stuff now. Plus, it lets me do frozen veggie runs from the nearest city without trying to pack everything in. We go through a lot of veggies.

Plus, if we make too much to eat in a day or two, I freeze the excess as ‘meal prep’, and there’s now room for that in the meat freezer.

And the cheeses and bread we freeze are easily accessible, the same with the seafood. This means things that freezer burn faster get USED faster and don’t become inedible. It also allows me to have the ice cream maker bowl in the freezer all the time!

I prefer frozen foods to canned for the most part – they have more flavor and are easier to portion out while cooking.

This will also let me start bringing in snake beans and tomatoes from my garden and freezing them too.

How do you store your food? What do you do with garden abundance? Inquiring minds want to know!