Boxes Galore!

I intend to go through some of what we have in the basement, so I ordered some shelves and bins from Menards to work with. The shipping was steep, but when I went to the nearest stores (I’m looking at you Wally World), the bins didn’t even have handles, and the shelves wouldn’t fit one bin, much less two.

I expected our pandemic shipping schedule, but lo!

We came home to our porch entirely full of boxes. Like, they’d stacked them so there was this narrow little path to the door and nothing else.

And instead of packing all the bins together in a stack and taping them, they boxed them in boxes of two:

And the shelves I picked:

The shelves will go together so that three bins fit abreast.

So, yay for boxes! I’m really excited about sorting our stuff and making sense of all the stuff we dumped in the basement when we moved.

Maybe I just caught the spring cleaning bug?