Setting Up for Planting!

I know it’s a little early yet, but I took some time to clean up my seed starting space.

I have an LED grow light (thank you to my mother-in-law!) that I have set up in my closet. It’s pretty much the only space that I can keep warm enough and undisturbed so plants grow.

So here’s a peek:

I used my vacuum to clear out all the dog fur, and I sorted the room to make space.

On the right is the dog’s couch – yes, our dog has his own couch. It’s an awful one that we got from a friend that turned out to be too uncomfortable to use.

When Tundra hogs the bed we can kick him off and he goes and sleeps on his couch instead, so we don’t feel too guilty about it.

And a close up:

Plant on the far left: tea.

Two pine needle plants: Sequoia. (Yes, Sequoia! We got the seeds on our trip to California.) We intend to troll future generations.

The pot with large leaves in the center is a coffee plant.

You can see I have three warm mats for seeds.

And the shoe box on the left has all the seeds I intend to plant this year. (Although three seed orders are still pending.)

Are you preparing for planting season? What do you intend to plant this year? Inquiring minds want to know!