As If I Needed Moar Shelves

Maybe I just need less STUFF. Except my husband has cool stuff.

Are these not the cutest? The green one has a trailer that moves around that you can practice backing up.

And of course, my sword from theatrical fencing and some other goodies:

Anyway, I set up the shelves:

No surprise, they were damaged in shipping, but Gorilla Tape exists for a reason, right?

Besides, too much trouble to return it, and they were both damaged – I don’t think the new ones would be any better.

I had to scoot down all of our shelves to make space:

Old water heater we still have to get rid of.


These were a pain to get in the basement because of the way the ceiling slants… for no good reason.

But I have it all in the basement now (thank you to my husband!), and I’ll be working on them soon.