The Seeds Have Arrived~!

It’s THAT time of year.

The time seed catalogs come out.

The time when you spend WAY TOO MUCH MONEY on seeds.

I ordered entirely from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds this year.

And the seeds have arrived!!! I decided to try focusing on new plants, ones I hadn’t tried planting before. I’ve done mostly the same plants over the last few years, and it’s become clear which ones work… and which don’t. I’ll be learning to cook some new foods!

So! Seeds:

Two types of Kohlrabi, brussels sprouts, and cabbage.

Parsnips which have grown well for me before. I planted them with carrots, and the carrots bombed but the parsnips loved it so… parsnips. Salsify. Yeah, I had to look this one up to see what it was. Celeriac root and asparagus.

Onions, leeks, and chives have worked for me before. And the tiny bok choy were TOO CUTE to resist.

Two types of rutabaga, two types of beets, and a turnip.

Zucchini, cucumber, and buttercup squash. I had good luck with cucumbers before, but buttercup never works. I keep trying because Mom loves them! And I’m told zucchini is impossible to kill.

I received free seeds for the number of items I purchased, so there are three types of lettuce here and kale. Do I like kale? Not really. But they sent it so I’ll grow it!

Tomatoes! I have had good luck and love the yellow pear and grape tomato. The stuffing tomato looks interesting, so I thought I would try that. And the ground cherry is something I’ve never grown so I’m giving it a try.

All the basil! I love scented basils, so there’s a mix of vanilla, clove, spice in this mix and a purple one just for giggles.

MOAR MINT to add to my mint herb bed. Rosemary, dill, and lavender. Last summer I kept cutting from my basil and herbs to bring fresh cuttings to the in-laws where we would make rosemary potatoes with them.

They always came out a bit strange. We expected them to be weird because of all the oddly scented basils I grow.


Turns out that my rosemary had died, and I was cutting from the lavender. *facepalm* I mean they were delicious, but still! Rosemary and lavender are NOT the same thing, look nothing alike, and smell nothing alike!

And the one, not-so-edible section of my garden is mostly for the birds and bees. The buckwheat is edible, but it mostly makes these GORGEOUS pink blossoms the bees love. The balm and blue sage are supposed to be good for pollinators too – the balm you can make tea with but the sage is NOT edible. The sunflowers are from last year – I need to find a place to grow them where the huge root balls aren’t an issue.

The poppy… this was a surprise. I tried to contact the company to ask why I had a random seed in my package that I didn’t order, but they’re slammed so the site is temporarily down. Am I supposed to keep it? Mail it back? I’ll check again next week to ask.

Now you’re probably wondering, if you’ve seen my beds, where I’m going to put all of these seeds.

Well, I intend to split each (they’re round) bed into quarters and plant in sections like that, but there still isn’t enough room.

I still have cloth garden bags I can fill and use.

So… looks like I’ll be begging my husband to help me add beds!

Old seeds from last year!

2 thoughts on “The Seeds Have Arrived~!

  1. Always so fun to see what others order. I grew up eating salsify (vegetable oyster) It is tasty in soup or made like faux crab patties, or steamed until tender, then sliced and lightly fried in butter. I bet you’ll like it. Best of luck in the coming season. I can’t wait!

    1. Thank you for the cooking suggestions! Most of what I’m trying to grow I’ve never had before, so we’ll see how it goes.

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