“Orphan Lost” Is Live, But There Is a Problem

First of all, here’s the blurb. See if you can spot what’s getting my ads rejected.

She’s forgotten them, but they haven’t forgotten her.

Stella married four fae boys as a child, thinking only to solve their arranged marriage issue, and then moved away, a military brat to the core.

Now, dropped off in a small town by the orphan bus with other military orphans, she finds them again. Only, she doesn’t remember them, and she’s not willing to play their games.

This fae town has forgotten secrets, and Stella is one of them. Now that she’s resurfaced, the guys she married as a child want her back even as they resent her for upending their plans. Left behind years ago, she was safe, but now she’s a weakness they can’t afford and a love interest they can’t resist. However their snide arrogance and overbearing ways are intolerable.

So when she’s offered an out, Stella must decide. Cut all ties with the guys she married and walk away? Or take her place in the Star-Bound Court as Consort and fight at the side of guys she can’t stand?

♥”Orphan Lost” is a Paranormal Romance. This novel is a Slow Burn due to the age of the protagonist. A relationship with multiple love interests will develop over a planned series.♥She’s forgotten them, but they haven’t forgotten her.

Any ideas?

It’s in the second line. In my story, Stella has a faux marriage with boys she meets and then goes on her merry way, never to think of it again.

But, real child marriage is a THING, and it’s a PROBLEM, and so my ads keep getting rejected.

Ideas on how to rephrase so it still sounds good?

Oh, and the link. https://www.amazon.com/Orphan-Lost-Star-Bound-Court-Book-ebook/dp/B0CDVR5VTV/

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