A Sketch that Turned Out Well

I did some sketching over Christmas week, and I had one that turned out surprisingly well. Something about this one turned much better than my usual efforts. Something about the eyes maybe? Anyway, I'm proud of my efforts on this one, and I'll be painting it in gouache at some point along the way. *smile*

Bread Fail

This post is entirely for your amusement. I found that I had taken photos of the worst bread fail - the craggy mountain bread. I didn't think to take photos of the dripping bread, but this one looks worse at least. And the bottom: We had to cut out the paddle. So not only did … Continue reading Bread Fail

Got My Edits Back!

That prolonged squealing noise you hear is me. No need for alarm. I got 'Still Water' back from the editor! SO HAPPY! And, yes, I'm a weirdo who enjoys getting feedback so long as it's WRITTEN. In person is hard. On paper is fun.