Camp NaNoWriMo Win!

I revised the existing text for Girlie, now titled 'His Starbound Court' during NaNo this time. I actually finished on the 25th so early for once! Go me! I still have to write the last few scenes, but it's almost ready for the editor.

‘Still Water’ Audiobook is Permafree! (Text-to-Voice AI)

I've been working with ElevenLabs' text-to-voice AI, and I've created an audiobook version of 'Still Water', narrated by me! Per my agreement with them, my book would remain permafree for everyone who is interested to see how well it works. This was intended for authors and advertising, but I see no reason it can't mean … Continue reading ‘Still Water’ Audiobook is Permafree! (Text-to-Voice AI)