We Lost the Crossbeak Chick

I'm upset, my husband's upset, but I can't change it. Her beak by the end was at a 90 degree angle with itself, and I couldn't keep enough water and soaked feed in her. ;_; She's buried under one of our flowering bushes.

All the Birthdays!

It is once again birthday season in our family. Me, my mom, my father-in-law, my FIL's dad. The last person has passed so we don't celebrate, but the rest of us had fun this weekend and today! So happy birthday to all of us! Graphic from Deposit Photos.

Garden Update

Just a photo dump garden update. Lots of weeds, so ignore those. Dill: Chives and buckwheat. One year old grapes on the left, with bunches! New grapes buried in the weeds, so I need to clear that out. Perpetual spinach, swiss chard, tomatoes, peppers. Blackberries. Overview from the outside.