His Starbound Court

Working title of this series is 'Girlie' or 'Anything for a home' or jokingly 'Fae aren't real and neither is this marriage', but I expect it to be three books. The first book is officially titled 'His Starbound Court', and I've done a blurb for it using Theodora Taylor's butter method in her class. Traveling … Continue reading His Starbound Court

Camp NaNoWriMo Win!

I revised the existing text for Girlie, now titled 'His Starbound Court' during NaNo this time. I actually finished on the 25th so early for once! Go me! I still have to write the last few scenes, but it's almost ready for the editor.

NaNoWriMo Update!

As of right this moment, on Monday no less, I'm at 35,238 words! On day 14. The goal for today is 23,000 words so... I'm doing pretty well! I'm hoping to keep this book to about 50,000 words. Per usual, image is AI generated through Midjourney AI.