Last Minute Edits

My beta reader came back with some things that absolutely HAD to be fixed, so I pulled Orphan Lost from the proofreader and spent several days with my most awesomest of PAs frantically editing.

We added a total of 8,600 words to the manuscript.

We changed the heat so it is now 🌶️🌶️ out of 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️.

There was one scene ended to the end to make a better landing point to head into book 2.

All in all, it was a TON of work very, very quickly, and on top of it I’ve been struggling to come back from a depressive swing so it was like pulling teeth sometimes to get words.

But we did it!

Moopy is the most amazing PA ever!

And it’s back in the proof reader’s hands, and it’s on schedule still.

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