I Accidentally Fermented My Honey



A friend gifted us with a jar of raw honey for my husband to try.  He has Celiac’s and possibly a corn allergy, and he had been having problems eating honey.  I suspected it might be because the cheap honey had been cut with corn syrup (source), and I happened to complain of this to a coworker.

Turns out, she’s an amateur bee keeper!  She gifted us with this lovely jar of honey, and I presented it to my delighted husband, and onto our shelf it went.

But, here’s the things.  What do you eat honey on?  Bread.  Who does the bread making in this household (so that it is both gluten free and corn free)?  Me.

Who was on a sedating medication all winter so that she could barely stay awake driving to and from work and even at work struggled to stay conscious?

Yeah.  Me.

I did almost nothing but work all winter because I simply could not muster the energy to stay awake past 5pm.

So the honey sat in a cupboard.

Spring came.

It got warm.

Very warm.

And my husband opened the cupboard to a disaster.  He called me in, because he can’t stand sticky on his fingers, and I cleaned up honey from everywhere.  Once I had everything out and washed, I was able to pinpoint the source.

This jar which had bubbled the lid open and down the sides.

A jar which, when opened, smells like a distillery.


Now the question of the household is… can we still eat it?

What do you think?  Do you have any experience with inadvertently distilled honey?  And how do you get honey up?!?  I’ve washed everything multiple times, and the cupboard is still sticky!