A Treasure Trove of Old Photos – My Husband’s Trip to Germany

auf der Zugspitz

(That my husband just revealed he had!)

So, there is almost nothing better that I love than seeing cute pictures of my husband from before I met him.  I didn’t meet him until he was 23, so all I can see of him as a kid are photos and the rare family film.

He had told me any number of times that he had traveled to Germany in 2005 as a class trip, and he explored a bit after with his dad.

But he never had photos to show me.

And now he does.

I’ll admit I squeeed a little bit, and then I just loved taking the time and looking at them and how happy he looks in these photos!

But I won’t post any with people here, because he is a Private Person who doesn’t share personal information on the Internet, and I have to remind myself to respect that.  Even if he DOES look adorable!

So, have some mountains.

auf der Zugspitz

This is, by far, the best photo in the batch!

And a valley.

Koblenz-Rhein-Mosel valley

And a racetrack.  Can anyone guess which one?

Nurburgring Track 013

Yes!  He actually got to drive on the Nurburgring!  Which has an umlaut, but I can figure out how to make my computer make one.  So there are a ton of photos of track and of him grinning while he drives.

I’ll be honest though – I would have had a heart attack riding with him, so I’m glad he got to do that before he met me.

And there are tons of photos of fantastic churches and buildings and other fun things.  This one is my favorite:

EHS-das Gasthof zum Rassen-Partenkirchen

Look at that painting!  It’s gorgeous.

So I got to see a bit of his life when he was younger!  It looks like he and his dad had tons of fun.

Have you done any traveling?  Do you have a weird obsession with young photos of your spouse or friends?  I wish I knew him as a kid!  But I was kind of a wreck then, so maybe not.  *smile*  Inquiring minds want to know!