Not Pregnant, Just Fat

Today a woman asked me when I was expecting, and I was all ‘Nope, sorry, just fat!’, and she was super embarrassed, and now I feel bad for her.

I mean, I wasn’t hurt or even really offended, but she was so upset!

So now I’m thinking I’m kind of a jerk because I was all ‘whatever, don’t worry about it’ and that probably didn’t make her feel better at all.  She was being sweet and misread how I was holding my hand, and it was awkward.

Well, I wasn’t being awkward for a change… it was actually all her being flustered and unhappy.

Ugh.  So how should I have handled this?!?  Inquiring minds want to know!


2 thoughts on “Not Pregnant, Just Fat

  1. I have gotten called sir before but there’s not much to do about it really. I just have a good laugh about it.

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