My Only Visitor Today Was a Bot Selling Visitors

Which, I’m sorry, I find this kind of hilarious!

Well, I guess it could be kind of depressing, but Kristen Lamb jokes about the bots on her website keeping her company, and now she’s super well known.  Everyone starts somewhere!

But honestly, most days no one stops by, so I was all like ‘A visitor!’, and I checked to see where they came from and I was all ‘that’s a weird name’ so I clicked the link.


It was all blinkies and SPENDZ YOUR MONIES ON VISITORZ flashing text attempting to get me to click a link, any link!

So I laughed at them and closed out.  And ran my virus scan for good measure.

Do you have a website?  What has traffic been like?  I’m just amazed anybody stops by at all!  I’m not so worried about it, because I’m mostly focusing on getting into the habit of REGULARLY and RELIABLY posting, even if it’s something silly.

And here’s a video of a chicken magically keeping her head in place despite her body’s motion.  Cool, huh?

Chicken? Or GYROSCOPE?  Maybe Wiimotes are actually chickens in disguise!

And for your daily giggle, a chicken getting his head stuck in not one, but TWO slices of bread!  Really it’s the guy losing it laughing during the video that sells it.

Have fun!

One thought on “My Only Visitor Today Was a Bot Selling Visitors

  1. I’m not a bot but I’d love to post a comment for you. Enjoy your musings. Keep it up and looking forward to reading that first book. Kris

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