Kickapoo Valley Reserve

It was Tundra’s Birthday on the 10th!

So today we drove over an hour to get to the Kickapoo Valley Reserve and take him for his annual walk.  The Reserve exists because there was supposed to be a dam built there, and they never built it.  Then the land was turned into a preserve, owned by the state and the Ho-Chunk Nation.  There’s a few houses and cabins in the edges of it that were grandfathered in, but most of it is just nature, over 8,500 acres of it.  It’s lovely, and you can walk near the visitor center for free, although we always donate.

There is occasionally hunting in the Reserve, so we are disinclined to explore too far from the Visitor Center anyway.

It was raining and drizzly and cold, but he LOVED it!  In good news, the weather seemed to keep the ticks off of him.  I brought a tick key just in case, but we didn’t need to use it at all.  Woot!

Since it was so wet (and because I forgot my camera) I have no pictures from this year, but here are some old ones:


Tundra liked this little bridge and wanted so bad to get in the water!


It was a gorgeous day when we visited last time!


And this pond was fun!

No pictures from this year though, sorry folks!

Do you have any nature preserves near where you live or that you go to?