A New Box Spring! Hooray!

My in-laws snuck in on Wednesday (they borrowed the house key from my mom) and put a new box spring under our bed!

I sat on it about a month ago, and it broke.  Like, dramatically cracked and collapsed under me.  I teared up and was horrified because OMG the fat, but my husband was all ‘you DO know that the dog jumps on the bed, right?’ which helped but it was still mortifying.

So the bed was broken, and it was starting to mess with my husband’s back.  My mother-in-law asked what we wanted for Christmas, and I told her a toilet, but she said what do you really want for Christmas, Renee?  (I was serious about the toilet, but that’s another story.)  So I said a box spring.

And, lo!   A box spring has appeared!

My father-in-law was impressed when he took the old one apart how badly it was broken.  And he gave me some grief, but he did say that this one was an extra sturdy model.

So now my bed is super comfy!  And I did NOT want to get out of it this morning.  🙂

And, yes, the first thing the dog did upon seeing the bed was… jump on it.

How comfy is your bed?  Do you have it on a frame?  Ours was memory foam flat on the floor until I lifted the edge a notice it had HORRIDLY mildewed under it.  We ended up putting it out for village clean up and buying a new box spring and mattress.  A little while later we got a cheap frame from SWCAP’s thrift store.  So it’s a nice set up now.  *smile*