Belated Happy Valentine’s Day!

We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day last week.  I came home, and my husband had bought me a card which he then drew all over to make it ours.


We both wear glasses, so those had to be added in, and his beard of course.  He took the pronunciation of what the card said and tried to write that in Katakana, which was very sweet.  (He doesn’t speak any Japanese.)


Note the glasses flying off!  So cute.  *smile*   And the wolf on the bottom is him, and the hedgehog me.  He says I’m like a hedgehog – all bristles when I’m upset and prone to sniffing all the smells.


And the our special signatures… he is <B and I’m <R.  See how they’re like the heart <3?  Mine is apparently a leaky heart.

So anyway, that was super cute and made me teary.

Then we had Thai Peanut Sauce on pork over broccoli and rice, and that was delicious.  We celebrated on Tuesday, even though Valentine’s day was Wednesday.

On Wednesday we went on a car ride with his new car!  So that was fun, and it was a bright sunny day so it was pretty, the snow melting and blue skies.

Also, he gives me a ton of grief because I say ‘Valentime’s Day’ instead of Valentine’s Day.  I don’t know how I got an ‘M’ there!

How did your Valentine’s Day go?  Did you celebrate with a significant other or spoil yourself?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*