I Sound Like a Flight Attendant #Lifegoals

So, at work I make a ton of phone calls where I have to get certain bits of information verbally confirmed.  I research each first request, call, ask the same questions, and have different processes depending on the answers.

I’ve done about 500 of these phone calls (according to my stats) now, which is a help for the people that usually do them.  They tend to be swamped, and being able to take my downtime and be productive is nice for me too because I loathe being bored at work.  I always want to be busy!

Anyway, I called a woman at a University on Friday, asked her the questions, and then went through the informational spiel.  I ended with ‘do you have any questions?’, and there was a pause.

And then she said, “Are you reading from a script?”

I said no, because at this point I wasn’t.  I don’t have to refer to anything anymore.

“You sound like a flight attendant.  It’s really practiced,” she said

“Oh, I’ve said it about 500 times,” I answered, and she laughed.  I concluded the call with her.

And then I was all ‘FLIGHT ATTENDANT?!?’  Is that good or bad?


I’m pretty amused by it all and all!

Do you have things you say so often you don’t sound like yourself?  Is that a good thing or a bad thing, do you think?  Inquiring minds want to know!