Visiting a Lost Cemetary

My parents live near a family cemetery, one that we have known about but have never had permission to trespass and look at.  It’s not our family cemetery, but it belonged to the family who built my parents’ house.

Well, some of that family dropped by to see if they could take photos of my parents’ house and visit the cemetery.

They got permission to visit the cemetery… and they invited me!  *smile*DSCN3551

We only found three headstones, and they were all tipped over.  It used to be, I could see them from our school bus when it went down the hill, but they fell, and the brush grew up.

The first one had four sides:


One side was unreadable, but the others were all in good shape.

Then we found this:


If there was a headstone, it is either entirely buried or long gone.

And lastly this one:


The family that brought us up dug a little:


There’s rebar on it like someone tried to repair it once already.

And the second half:


All five that we found stones for were very young.  The oldest was 19, and the youngest an infant with no name.

We tromped around quite a bit more, but there was no sign of other stones.

All in all, a worthwhile adventure!

My family has a cemetery that’s still maintained, but the spots are all bought up and owned by people, so there’s no chance I’ll be able to be be buried there.  I really wish I could be though.  It’s surrounded by a farmer’s field who won’t sell though as I understand it.

Sad, sad.

Do you have a family cemetery?  What do you want done when you pass?  I’m torn – I either want to be cremated, or if my husband and I die at the same time, buried together in the same casket.  Where are your relatives buried?  Is it nearby?  Inquiring minds want to know!

2 thoughts on “Visiting a Lost Cemetary

  1. Where near your house is this? I don’t remember seeing anything like this from your house.

    1. If you face the road, go left over the dry gulch, across the neighbor’s field, and climb about 500 feet up the bluff and then a couple dozen yards into their bull pen, the cemetery is just out of the bull pen. I went in an easier way by going in the property’s driveway and walking down to the edge of their field. They nicely moved the bulls for us!

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