Tundra Loves Water


Our malamute, Tundra, ADORES playing with water.  He splishes and splashes in the rain, and we have a kiddie pool we fill just for him.  And when I water, he chases me around trying to eat the water coming out of the house.

Loves it.


We spent yesterday afternoon at my parents, down around the corner of the hill grilling out.  And Tundra came with.

There are all sorts of young trees there, so they brought water with them to water.  The easiest way?  Us the trailer for the lawn mower, put a cattle trough in it, and fill it with water.

I’ll admit, about a third sloshes out on the way there, and the driver gets soaked, but it works pretty well.

Tundra was on his long lead (as was my parents’ dog, Mariah), and we had already eaten when he realized… there’s water in the trough.

So he scrambled up the trailer, jumped in, and started splashing water everywhere by ‘digging’ and jumping and ‘digging’ in the trough.  It was adorable, and my mom got some film, so I’ll have to see if I can get that from her.

So cute.

But the wagon is a little unsteady, and when he jumped once, one leg ended up outside the wagon.  I heard a surprised yelp and looked up just in time to see him tip out of it and land on his back with his feet kicking in the air.

We cracked up.

He immediately jumped up and shook himself, and we checked him over, but he was fine then, and he’s fine today.  Just surprised.

Do your pets like water?  I hear horses do, but I haven’t heard this for myself.  Do they like hoses or sprinklers or rain?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*