Bewildering Grace – Octopath Traveler

Octopath is a TON of fun, and I’m so glad my husband was able to get a copy!  I spent *cough*seven*cough* hours this weekend playing it, and he was wonderful about explaining strategies and timing so I was doing fairly well.

I have especially been playing with Primrose’s Bewildering Grace attack, and it’s been great fun.  It causes HAVOC, and if you boost you can make it happen up to FOUR TIMES.  I’ve taken a lot of screen captures of some of the weird things that happens, and here are some of the things it produces.  Photo dump!

Boost of StrengthBP DepletedCurious BalmDefenses WeakenDrowsy OctoFire Rages

This next one was the WORST one that happened:Items Scattered on Ground

And this one was the best:JP Times 2Lightning

Mist was the most common:MistNo EffectProtected by Mysterious PowerRecover HP

This was the second worst one:SP to 0Tempest HowlsThe Ground ExplodesToxic Cloud

What do you think?  I know I haven’t managed to catch all of them, but I’ll keep trying! *smile*