Who Knew? It Wasn’t About a Horse Dying

Have you ever had one of those TV shows or movies where EVERY SINGLE TIME you see it on TV, or when you walk in and a friend is watching it, you see THE SAME SCENE.

I have that with The NeverEnding Story movie. (Affiliate link.  Spoiler: There are several affiliate links in this post just in case someone gets all nostalgic and MUST HAVE these movies.)

I’m an eighties child, but SOMEHOW I managed to miss watching this movie except for the ONE SCENE that I always ran into.

You know the scene.  Where the boy’s horse dies in the swamps, and it’s dramatic and awful.

I’ve seen that scene a good dozen times, but nothing from the rest of the movie.

How do I keep landing on the scene?  I don’t know!  I’ve watched The Labyrinth over and over and The Goonies and The Dark Crystal and a whole bunch of other 80’s kids movies, but not this one.  I particularly love The Dark Crystal even though it doesn’t seem to be well known.

But nothing except the horse dying in The NeverEnding Story!

So my husband finally had enough, and he sat me down and we watched the entire movie.

He even made sure to fast forward through the horse dying.

And, who knew?  It isn’t a movie about a horse dying after all!

It was kind of corny, but the puppets were amazing, and it had the flavor of an 80’s kid movie for sure.

It had a cute premise at the end with the story within a story within a story, so I liked that.

And the horse comes back to life at the end… you see Atreyu riding him when the kid is flying all over Fantasia.

So that’s just plain awesome.

Have you ever run into a movie like that?  You can’t ever manage to catch more than a few minutes of the same spot over and over and over?  (My husband points out that if I would have kept watching I could have seen more, but who wants to watch more of a movie where the horse dies?!?)  What do you think of The NeverEnding Story?  What was your favorite 80’s kid movie?

Inquiring minds want to know!