New Medication Going Well

Recently, I was put on a new medication, and I had two follow up calls with my psychiatrist, and then a meeting this last Wednesday.

It’s actually going very, very well.

Not that I want to invite trouble!  But this is the best I’ve felt in a very long time, with more energy than normal and a more stable, higher general mood.

The med is Olanzapine, and it’s actually cheaper than what I had been taking before, thankfully.

So this isn’t a long post, but I’m still compliant with  my meds and doing better for a change.

As for the expected weight gain, I’ve lost 15 lbs!

Not many questions I can ask about this without being too nosey, but how is your health going?  Are you struggling, doing better?  It can be hard to struggle along, and most people don’t talk about their challenges, especially mental health challenges, and that cane make me, at least, feel very alone.

6 thoughts on “New Medication Going Well

  1. I’m finally settled into keto, weight is coming off, but sloooowly. And I’m struggling with stress-eating. :/

    Today I saw a doctor to discuss new ADHD meds…things have gotten worse over the years, I don’t even fall into a book or TV the way I used to, and if I ever want a new job I’ll need to find a med that allows me to learn new things easier than this. Unfortunately, starting with a GP means it’s expensive and a long-haul thing. 🙁

    1. I’m glad Keto is working! It’s so hard to see someone or change meds when the insurance isn’t good… or there isn’t any. 🙁

      1. Keto is working, appetite is way down, now I’m learning just how much I stress- and comfort-eat. :/

        And yes…doctor visits are expensive when you’re a single person with a $2500 deductible. 🙁

      2. $2500 deductible? Ouch!

        Keto really has shown me that I stress or comfort eat, especially when depressed or if I’ve had a rough day. It’s been a huge help in catching that and trying to address the feelings in more positive ways.

        I’m not sure I can keep doing Keto once I lose my job – we’ll be eating mostly out of storage which is 75% rice and 25% beans. I’m thinking if I just absolutely avoid sugar…

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