Interesting Things Just for You: Ask a Mortician YouTube Channel


I got some bad news this last Friday, and I’m not doing so hot, so the next few posts are entertainment only, focusing on the YouTube channels I’ve been binging this weekend.

The first is Ask a Mortician, and I’ve actually been watching her channel heavily for several weeks now.

I absolutely love how direct she is about death and what follows, and she’s answered some questions I didn’t know I even had.  Sure, she has entertaining videos on famous deaths or deadly events, but she also focuses on what your rights are, what your family’s rights are, the costs of death.

I feel this information is invaluable.  I already had a will set up, and even with watching these little will change, but it’s reassuring that the choices I questioned myself about writing the will are actually choices I’m happy about with this additional knowledge.

Add to this she has a quirky, geeky, nerdy type of humor that appeals to me.  I’m very similar  when it’s just my husband and myself, or just family, but I wish I were able to be myself publicly.

Also, it takes mad courage to make a YouTube channel like this!  She’s gotten a lot of fall out, and I’m amazed by the grace with which she handles it.

Have a death question?  This is where you need to go!  *smile*

What type of death related things do you worry about? What do you think is the worst way to die?  Inquiring minds want to know!