Hot Water at Last

So, this was replaced a few days ago, but I hadn’t gotten down into our muddy basement to take a photo of it yet.

We have a… **drumroll**… NEW WATER HEATER!

I love it, and I took a 45 minute shower before the water started to cool to something less than the surface of the sun.

So, THANK YOU to my dad who came over and installed it.

The previous plumbing was mostly Pex – which should have very few connections.  No, the previous owner put connects about every 12 inches or so.


It was going to have to be pulled.  So we bought braided metal ropes with shark teeth on one end.

They weren’t cheap.

But it made the entire process of unhooking the old water heater, moving it, fixing piping, and hooking in the new water heater take about an hour.

No joke.

One hour.

He didn’t even try to get the new Pex perfectly lined up.  He was worried about future flooding, even though we put it on a mini platform to help with that.  The way it’s set up now, we can raise it and move it around a little bit with now issues.

Here it is in all of its glory:


And a closer look:


What’s nice about these metal braided piping is that the shut off valve was included as part of them!

And the brand we got:


It’s what was available so meh.

Hooray for hot water!  Have you had to deal with any flooding lately?  Replace any appliances?  Inquiring minds want to know!