Now We Can Call Her ‘Doctor’

A close friend walked for her PhD yesterday!

This is especially impressive because she works full time, has two kids under the age of five, and has ADD (ADHD?).  I am SO happy for her!  She worked hard and this has taken years of consistent, hard work to succeed.

I was one of the ones who proofed her dissertation, and in true typo style, immediately after I turned in my notes to her, my husband opened it casually and found a typo I missed.

Typos – there is no winning.

So, she came back from her new job (as a adjunct professor?) to UW Madison to walk with her class.

She sewed the graduation gown (she said they wanted $800 for one!) and was, in true costumer style, still sewing it the morning of.  No project is complete without it becoming a crisis.

There was a party!  Her husband was kind and made sure there was food my husband and I could eat.  I didn’t know many people at the party, but I was glad to see those I did know.  It’s been years, and Facebook just isn’t the same.

So, huzzah for her!  Well done, and we’ll miss you while you’re off having adventures.