I’m Running Out of Elastic!

Still working on masks!

I’m using the pattern from the Deaconess website, found here.

These ones are blue on the outside and light blue on the inside, and they’re for my husband.

DSCN4438 resize

Next are a set for my mom.  They’re pale blue with polka dots on the outside and flowers on the inside:

DSCN4442 resize

Some for me, brown on the outside, spring green interior:

DSCN4439 resize

Cute ones for my dad.  Anchors on the outside, plaid on the inside:

DSCN4444 resize

Extra ones for general use when we have to meeting with customers.  Purple outside, marbled purple inside:

DSCN4441 resize

And my most recent batches.  The orange with a red interior are for my brother.  The puppy paw print with pink flower interior is for a family friend:

DSCN4446 resize

The most recent batch here are waiting to be ironed, so their sides aren’t as crisp.

I’ve used two full rolls of elastic, and I’m running short.  But everyone has several masks to change between.

Are you making masks?  What patterns are you using?  Did you pick cute fabric?  Inquiring minds want to know!