I May Have Bought Portraits of Our Fluff

I saw a TON of cute doggo portraits go through the Alaskan Malamute rescue groups I follow on Facebook, so I had to investigate.

Pawss Pet Art is where they are getting them, and as of TODAY 5/3/2020 they’re still on sale. Can’t vouch for tomorrow, sorry. You send in a clear photo, and they send back gorgeous artwork of your photo.

They are NOT allowed for commercial use, but sharing personally and on social media is allowed. I used small copies on the website on purpose – I have bigger copies of my own.

I splurged because I COULD NOT decide, and these are the ones I received back!

The first:

15300d-BOY resize

This is his begging-in-the-kitchen face.  He is a pretty boy and he knows it!

And this:

15300c-BOY resize

This is his I-love-you-it’s-dinnertime-please-feed-me face.


15300a-BOY resize

This is from a photo we took the second day we had him of him dozing in front of the back door.


15300e-BOY resize

This is his couch pose when you’re eating there. He sits there quietly and hoooooopes you’ll feed him.

And the best one:

15300b-BOY resize

Tundra playing in the pool.  The original photo was actually featured on AMAL’s Facebook page which was really cool.

Are these not adorable?!?


4 thoughts on “I May Have Bought Portraits of Our Fluff

  1. I would have a hard time choosing too! It is like picking through children’s pictures. As a parent, it is a no-brainer, I always get every one.

  2. Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money, but my parents ALWAYS got our school photos and shared them. It was embarrassing as a kid, but now I know it means ‘I love you, and I’m proud of you’. You’re an awesome mom.

  3. I couldn’t pick a favorite picture either. The one in the pool and him sleeping are great.

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