Supporting Local Businesses

We have a car repair shop near us that we really, really like. I’ve gone to shops where they ignored me and talked to my then boyfriend – like, this is MY car, and I heard the noise, talk to ME.

This shop isn’t like that. My husband dislikes phone calls, so I call in and schedule, I listen to the quotes and approve work on the cars, I listen to the explanations of what might be wrong and pass it on to my husband.

Not just that, but one of the guys likes Subaru too, and he’s very knowledgeable.

But times are tight.

Small shops aren’t getting enough business.

Our cars were both due for oil changes, and my window wasn’t working. Normally, we do the oil changes on our own, and I had been ignoring the window since January of last year.

We decided instead to bring them in to the shop and have oil changes done and have the window fixed.  The window turned out to be a pain – the switch was broken, but the motor was also shot.  Most frustrating for the shop was someone else had worked on the door and SUPER GLUED the handle into place rather than put the bolts in like they should.

They got it fixed though, put the handle in properly, replaced switch and motor, and gave both cars an inspection.

Money is tight, and I cringed at the money involved even though six months ago it wouldn’t have fazed me.

But if it means there will be an honest shop nearby still when this storm blows over?

Worth it.