ITJFU: Baumgartner Restoration

Are you stressed? Need something relaxing to watch? Baumgartner Restoration’s YouTube channel is where I go to de-stress.

The gentleman who does these restorations is chill, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to listen to. He clearly explains what he’s doing and why, what results he would have if he didn’t do it this way, and what other people have done wrong in handling the painting.

Not only that, but watching him clean varnish off of old paintings and seeing the gorgeous results is both entertaining and soothing. It’s very Zen.

I’m sure I’m learning a lot about painting restoration along the way, but I love this channel. I don’t care much for ASMR videos though, so I’ve skipped those.

Take a moment away from the stress and the grind and watch masterpieces rejuvenate and come to life!

baumgartner restoration