No Camping Is Complete Without an Early Morning Crisis

You didn’t think our camping test run went smoothly, do you? Something ALWAYS goes wrong, even when you’re camping in your backyard.

Friday night, we all piled into the tent. (It says it’s a 6 person, and I can believe it!) I even brought a fan out and ran a cord from the garage because it was warm. I know, not something I can do while camping but whatever.

I woke on and off during the night. Pain, an unfamiliar place, nerves about being outside.

I woke up completely around 8 am.

Sat up because Something. Was. Wrong.

Looked around. Husband still sound asleep next to me.

Dog… Tundra was not in the tent.

In fact, the tent door was open.

Nothing jump starts your anxiety meter like a pet getting loose. I panicked, woke my husband, started calling for Tundra while my husband made himself presentable…

And Tundra stuck his head in under the open tent door. The snot had been sitting on the porch chilling.

Did he have adventures?

No idea.

I’m hoping he didn’t terrorize the neighbors’ cats. I think we would have heard that though.

He wasn’t hurt. He wasn’t dirty. He was happy to see us.

Oh. My. Heart.

I’m so glad he was right there and came back immediately. We hadn’t had him on the lead or leash because the tent was closed up.

Our best guess is that he found where the door was unzipped and inch or two to allow the fan cord and nosed it open.

Saturday night, he got to sleep on his lead even if it was a pain with the door.

So, he’s safe, we’re all safe, everything turned out okay, but it was a rough few minutes of panicking there. Do you bring your pets camping with you? Have you had a pet get lose?  What did you do?  Inquiring minds want to know!


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