Let Us Discuss the Importance of Back Ups

I have a sobering post here today.

It’s entirely my fault.

I got sloppy backing up my novel, and it’s only pure luck that it wasn’t worse.

I lost one of the recent scenes I’ve been working on. Literally a week and a half of working on it, and I didn’t bother to back it up before I left my parents. I just left it on 4thewords website and planned to copy it later.

When I got home, I tried to move it to my main file that auto back ups… and accidently overwrote it on the 4thewords website.

It’s gone.

The last copy of the scene I have is when I made changes in May.

I emailed the 4thewords staff just in case there was something to do but OMG I want to kick myself and cry and eat a pint of ice cream or maybe just pull out a bunch of hair.

I was really happy with how that scene was coming out.