I Couldn’t Wait for Valentine’s Day

I ordered specialty soap for my husband for Valentine’s Day.

I ordered it from Cat and Raven Designs. I’ve watched a few of their videos on YouTube, and they’re the first soap makers I’ve seen that let you order a soap to your specifications. You can find them here.

Ya’ll, I couldn’t resist.

I asked for sage green, brown, and white as the colors. Style of their choice but flat top. And we chatted back and forth and decided on extruded pink hearts for cute since it had been for Valentine’s Day. I asked for a mint with herbs scent, and they chose mint and tea tree.

Spoiler: It didn’t make it to Valentine’s Day. I was giddy and showed my husband immediately upon unboxing.


It arrived in this box:

Their logo is cute, and you can see the cat and raven in it easily.

A cute note with their sticker:

Yes, my first name is Heather, but I haven’t gone by it since ~2001. Trivia!

My first peek:

And opened:

The skull is a cute add on to use up the extra soap!

Now, the bars are cut oddly – this isn’t their usual method, but the pink hearts were laid the wrong way so there were three big bars instead of four smaller ones. I asked them to cut them in half so they would fit on our soap dishes better.

Seriously, they were wonderful to work with!

And out of the box:

10/10 do recommend!

They’re SO CUTE!

And they smell wonderful.

Have you ever considered ordering an unique-to-you-soap? Do you use artisan soaps? Who do you follow? Inquiring minds want to know!