Vacuum ALL the Things!

I have noted before that I bought myself an easy-to-use vacuum for myself. It’s lightweight and has a long tube, so I don’t hurt myself carrying it, and I don’t hurt myself bending over.

The vacuum:

I went around last night and vacuumed EVERYTHING I could reach. I even laid down and pulled the storage out so I could vacuum under the bed.

Vacuumed the cobwebs out of the corners, vacuumed the walls to catch dusty dog fur, pulled things out and vacuumed behind them.

The result?

Yes. I filled half a garbage can with dust and dog fur.

So, today I’m sore and dragging, but our house is SO MUCH cleaner!

It doesn’t seem like Tundra sheds much until I start poking around the areas I don’t normally reach.

Dog, your fur. For realz. Please shed less!

2 thoughts on “Vacuum ALL the Things!

  1. You’re welcome to do the same at my house. Twice as much fur here.

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