We Made Soap!

And by ‘we’, I mean my friend and her husband did almost all of the work because I’m freaked out by lye.

Anyway, soap was made because my friends are amazing!

We choose Raspberry Vanilla scent, and we went with purple, pink, and white colors.

Then we almost forgot to dust the top with glitter, but managed to remember at the last possible moment.

Thank you to my friends for the fun, and thank you for taking photos for my blog!

In the mold:

GLITTER! So much glitter!

It took a long time to set, perhaps due to how cold the house was when we made it.

The top of a cut bar:

And the inside!

Other side of the same bar:

So now we just have to find a time to meet up so I can see it in person!

Thank youu to my friends for soap making fun!

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