Trolling Future Generations: Baby Sequoia Trees

Last year, my husband and I went with family to California, and as a souvenir I bought two containers of Sequoia seed grow kits.

My current plan is to plant them somewhere ridiculous and troll future generations.

It will be a long time until they’re big enough for that though!

Here’s how they look now:


Please ignore the sad little leaves there – my closet wasn’t warm enough, we think, for my coffee plant.

So cute though!

They’re only about three inches tall, but they’re spreading little branches all over.  *smile*

It will be years before they’re big enough to plant and survive outside.

I’m torn between planting them on our property where there’s a fair chance future generations might cut them down, or on my parents’ property.

Both properties have abundant water, us with the river 150 yards from my house, my parents with myriad springs on their property and a stream.  Water is apparently what dictates how big they can get.

And I wonder if I should put a plaque on them so that future generations know that they’re a Sequoia so that they’d be more hesitant to cut them down.

What type of things do you think would be funny as a long term prank?  Inquiring minds want to know!