Making Our Puppy Paw Print Memento!

Those of us with pets know their time with us is fleeting, and we’re often left with ashes, a collar, and maybe a nose print to physically remember them.

My husband and I decided we wanted to do a pay print for Tundra.

So I ordered the Crayola kit:

The back had instructions, and it looked simple. No water mixing needed!

The contents of the box were all there:

The dough is VERY lightweight and almost foamy feeling. I got set up:

Kneaded the dough:

Flattened it to fit the ring and then flipped it for a smooth side:

Then my husband and I got the print from Tundra. There’s no photos here because it took a half an hour, two handfuls of treats, and two people to get a good print. We had to stop and redo the blank once, but we got a good one, complete with dirt.

Like, we had to mash poor puppy’s foot into it to get a good print… hence the loads of treats.

Then I painted it with his name and birthday:

And it was done! It said to let it dry for 24 hours, flip, and let it dry for 24 hours, but it wasn’t dry at that point.

So I set it in my curio cabinet propped upright to dry better.

It weighs almost nothing, but I’m really glad we did it now as a happy thing and not the day of his passing.

Have you done one of these before?