Mixed Media Try Number Two

Another mixed media art practice. These are all photos, no scans, so the final reflects light a little.

The reference photo from Studio Graffit on my photo frame. It’s propped up on the easel my husband got me a little while back.

I’ve free handed a sketch of the photo on printer paper, and I’ve set it here over my mixed media pad with graphite paper under it so I can trace it.

Traced on the pad. I’ve used a gum eraser to lighten the lines.

Then I laid down markers, Ohuhu this time.

It’s streaky, but that’s okay. I’m going over it with colored pencil.

I have 200 Ohuhu but only 120 Prismacolor pencils so there are some color misses that I had to blend for.

The final!

Some of the shading is blotchy – I pressed too hard on the first layer and made it hard to apply over it. But I’m really happy with how it turned out!

And a close up of her face:

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