For the End of the World

Ya’ll, I’m so stoked. (No pun intended.)

I don’t have photos yet, and it’s not set up.


I bought THIS ONE.

One of the site photos:

Thank you to my family for supporting me in this!

Power outages in the winter are a concern for me, and this, when it’s entirely set up, will be a huge help. And my bipolar comes with a side of End of the World paranoia, so this has calmed me down quite a bit because I can cook and keep warm.

Yes, this is a very small woodstove. Our house is 911 square feet, and we’d close off a room if we have to use it.

It has two little cooktop burners~!

I have a ton of supplies yet to get to set it up safely and help to procure from a heating company, but it’s pretty nifty!

One thought on “For the End of the World

  1. I really like the little woodstove! I hope it does the trick when we have a power outage during winter. And a place to cook your meals too. Awesome.

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