Just a Little Bit of Surgery

I had mouth surgery last week, and I’m working on healing up from that.

I’m a weirdo (you knew that), and I have two salivary glands on the OUTSIDE of my jaw.

One of those glands had stones.

They went in, and they cut into my lip where it connects to my jaw and removed them. They sent them off for biopsy, just as a matter of course because everything about it was weird.

Ya’ll, I was terrified but managed to A. not freak and B. hold still during the whole process. Go me!

They were sitting RIGHT on top of the nerve, and he had to take some of the nerve.

So, now I have a hole in my mouth that doesn’t want to close, roughly the size of a kidney bean. Thank you, EDS.

The first night, it was super painful, and I ended up using vet wrap to hold my cheek against my jaw to relieve the pulling. I had said I didn’t need meds, but I was regretting that statement at that point.

Several days later now, it’s partially scabbed together and barely hurts, and I don’t have to look ridiculous anymore. The Vet wrap made me look like a mummy who didn’t know how to wrap their own head properly.

It’s doing better.

The downer though is that a fair section of my lip on the left side is still numb, but I’ve been assured that I’ll either adjust or the nerve will grow back enough to resolve the issue.

I hope so. I keep chewing my lip!

I’m eating soft foods only, just because A. the hole is still open and I don’t want anything to get in it and B. I keep biting my own lip.

You’d think a diet of mashed potatoes, pudding, and ice cream would be great, but by day three I didn’t want to eat anything because YUCK.

So, that’s how my week went!

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