Grow ALL the Things Update

My dirt came!

I ordered potting soil online.

Why? It’s HEAVY.

Because I called my local stores, and I was told POTTING SOIL WAS OUT OF SEASON.

Since when is dirt out of season?!?

All they had were these tiny bags, and ya’ll I needed 16 gallons of this for my planters.

So they arrived on Friday, and I started the process of using them.

First of all, Tundra HAS a bed now, and he’s far less pouty. I ordered it just for him. It’s light and easy to move as needed.

Now, I’ve used several boxes of potting soil already.

Empty boxes and an empty planter:

You can see the wheeled platform the planter is standing on. That’s from Green Stalk too, and I have one for each planter to let me move them around as needed.

Some moar empty boxes.

Full dirt boxes and dirt in my closet. You can see the seeds I’m waiting to put in the empty planter, and the notebook has my list of what’s planted where so I can type it up and have a guide.

And behind them a complete planter, already seeded.

You can see I tried to write numbers on it to sort them, but I’ll have to rewrite them with a brighter paint pen.

Already seeded and waiting! This one is mostly lettuce, onions, and broccoli.

And then the other planter, original style, which has deeper pockets. I put my cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower and such in there.

I have to sweep behind it before I set it up in its final place. The grow lights are still coming, and they’ll be ceiling mounted.

Already planted and ready to go:

And then a variety of vinyl stickers that were included in the order, including photos of the people kind enough to pack them for me, and some included lettuce seeds:

The tube on the left is actually for the rolling bases, so I can drain water out of them if needed.

What do you think?

Two down, and one to go!